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    I typically get 3.5mb/s download speeds on my phone when I DL Roms etc. I noticed my speed slowing down to about 200kb/s on my ZTE ZMAX2. Bringing g curious I grabbed Moto G I don't use for cell service anymore and downloaded the same ROM from the same website at the exact same time. The Moto G was at 3.5mb/s and the ZTE was fluctuating wildly ending at about 250kb/s average. I then formatted the SD card (on a hunch and I NEVER want to take all my data off a 32g card again...aghhh) and put it back in. My ZTE started DL'ing at 3.5 mb/s for a week or so and now it's back to wild fluctuations and low DL speeds. What gives? Everyone I speak with say the SD affecting DL speeds is impossible. I KNOW different...I just want to know why it's happening and what I can do to avoid it from happening again.
    08-17-2016 06:21 PM
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    It could affect this, depending on the model of SD card.

    Also, are you setting the download location to the SD card and not internal storage where it should be?
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    08-17-2016 09:07 PM

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