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    I've just bought a S5 Mini, and I can't take screenshots with a keys combo, the only thing that works so far is Palm Swipe.
    I've tried every (obviously) holding simultaneously the Power + Home button, as well as derivatives such as with the volume buttons, etc.
    I've tried to disable the Palm Swipe option (in Motions & Gestures)

    Has this functionality been removed or something ? Various websites state that you can obviously take a screenshot with the keys combo, in fact most google results are about How to enable palm swipe.

    The Power+Home button is basically awesome, I find palm swipe pretty dumb (it can interact with applications if not done perfectly, it can't be done with gauntlets/gloves, it's slower to perform, etc.)

    Thanks a lot for your help
    08-19-2016 02:29 AM

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