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    Hi my name is jon stafford if you can help me please
    I will answer as soon as possible.
    My problem is my keypad for texting with keeps dissapearing just goes no error message nothing just dissapears and whats be happening alot recently is sometimes when i touch an app my screen goes white with black down it and it switches the phone when it goes worse and my new problem is when i go on any app it sometimes the screen goes white with colored speckles then it goes worse till its completly white and u cant reset it neither u have to take the battery out and then you have to wait ten mins before it comes back on.
    And you can try switchin it back on but it wont for ten mins and the battery is very warm aswell.
    Btw i use cleanmaster for my antivirus,malware and cooling down the cpu.
    Any Help would be much appreciated just need to know if its the battery knackered or if its got a virus or trojan and what software i can use to fix it or what software i can use for doing a full diagnostic of the phone.
    Thanks in advance jon stafford
    08-19-2016 05:46 PM

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