1. AC Question's Avatar
    So I dropped my samsung galaxy S7 Edge (international type I believe) and the volume down button is stuck flush with the side and is unresponsive..... so I even drag down the top screen and click on "tap here to disable safe mode" an then tells me it will have to restart my phone to turn it off but I have tried lots of times but every time safe mode is still turned on..... any ideas on how to get/turn safe mode off other than buying a new phone????
    08-20-2016 02:38 AM
  2. steezytech's Avatar
    So you restarted and it was still on right? of so just try to launch the boot menu and factory reset if nothing else works. Can you try to un-jam the button? Try prying it with a needle or something thin (make sure the phone is of to avoid any chance of a short circut). If the prying doesnt work, the botton being messed up probably ruined the waterproofing certification anyway so it could be worth a try taking the phone apart to get the button fixed, since a non waterproof s7 edge is better than no s7 edge haha. You should try what I have, a super slim aluminium bumper on mine so i can still get the premium aluminium and glass feel without risking messing the frame up. ( the front glass has a glass screen protector and the rear is cheap to replace so im pretty safe there). Hope i helped ! My fingers hurt from typing so imma go lol
    08-20-2016 05:58 AM

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