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    I am having some struggles with my Note 4 running Marshmallow with Bluetooth connectivity on my 2009 BMW M3.

    Initial connection to the car with Bluetooth is not an issue. The problem occurs during a phone call, and after random lengths of time (sometimes 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, etc.) the BMW navigation dash will show that there is no Bluetooth device connected (at this time the Note 4 still shows the Bluetooth is connected, however neither party can hear each other on the phone). Then the Bluetooth on the phone shows it is disconnected. If I press the speaker button on the phone, I can carry on the conversation conventionally with the phone's speaker and 15 seconds later, the phone will automatically reconnect to the car and continue the conversation using Bluetooth until the process repeats. If I do not intervene and press the speaker button, the call will terminate.

    I have done the following steps so far based on internet research:

    1) Tried clearing Bluetooth cache in the apps manager but unable to find Bluetooth application (even when selecting show system apps)
    2) Factory Resetted the device and restored content (did not work)
    3) Factory Resetted device and tried without loading any other items (did not work)
    4) Went to Recovery Mode and cleared the cache (did not work)

    I have heard people having success using any of the options above, but none seem to work for me.

    This problem did not happen before the marshmallow update. Funny enough,my wife's 2004 BMW 330xi with an OEM Bluetooth retrofit and that does not have any issues with Bluetooth connectivity with the same phone. I can carry conversations for 30 minutes without disconnecting.

    I am out of ideas and extremely frustrated as I am a heavy Bluetooth user and require the functionality for work.
    08-21-2016 10:07 AM

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