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    -HEADS UP-
    I know this is very long, but if you are good with these kind of stuff, I would highly appreciate your assistance in this matter, thanks guys.

    Hey guys, I'm very stressed as this phone is fairly new and I'm 15 so I worked my *** off for this and I'm really scared I ruined this phone.
    I was at a pool party with mates and we had taken my Galaxy S7 Edge in the pool for some pictures.
    I'd say that in total, the phone was completely in the water for around 20-30 seconds (with it being taken out and put back in several times)
    Really soon after, while we were still in the water, when I tried opening the camera it said: Warning | Camera failed, so I went ahead and left the pool to figure it out.
    I went and placed it in a bowl with rice for around 2-2.5 hours. When I took it out, it was turned off (It wasn't off when placed in) And so I tried turning it on.
    The: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Powered by Android came up, and then it turned off, showed that watermark again, for about 2-3 times, and then this blue screen came up, it had the android robot with a loading sign and it said: installing system update,
    then the android robot and a warning yellow triangle appeared.
    Then the phone switched to a black screen that said this:
    Android Recovery
    (Numbers and letters)
    6.0.1/Random letters and numbers
    use volume up/down and power.
    Reboot system now
    Reboot to bootloader

    I chose Reboot system now, but all it did is showed the Android watermark "Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge...."
    And then as I said earlier, it turned off, showed it again, and then it just came back to the black screen with all the stuff that I mentioned just a few lines earlier.

    Please help me with this, I paid for this phone and I'm highly stressed as to what happened to it.
    I just want to know what's going on and maybe how to get this fixed.
    Thanks for reading so far.
    08-22-2016 09:44 AM

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