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    I used to have a GS3 where I saved my music on an external SD. I would download the music as mp3 on my computer and then copy/paste it onto the card. Eventually I upgraded to a Note 4 and just moved the SD cad over no problem.

    Well the Note 4 is (physically) broken so I'm swapping back to the GS3. Any music I had on the SD card before swapping phones still plays. Any music added while the SD card was in the Note 4 just gives me the message "Sorry the player doesn't support this type of audio file"

    I never changed methods on downloading music after changing phones. It's all mp3. The files work w/o an issue on my computer and never gave me trouble on the Note 4. I'm using the stock music player, which is all I ever used on either phone.

    Please help?
    08-23-2016 01:30 PM

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