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    I found a post in here about the Nexus (the earlier model of the 5x) having similar pair issues but not with a Jabra. The 5x is also made by LG so I think we can assume similar hardware and bluetooth standards etc. etc. The headset paired just fine to my old galaxy s3 and my dell laptop so it works it's just that the 5x can't see it. Jabra has a utility that updates firmware but it can't recognize the storm so either there is no firmware update or there's a different utility for the storm. Is this perhaps a persistent issue with LG phones? I have a Bose bluetooth that paired up no issues at all but not the storm. Are there any tricks? I'm convinced it's mostly a firmware issue on the headset but I suppose the bluetooth on the phone could be part of it too, running latest android 6.
    08-23-2016 02:46 PM

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