1. AC Question's Avatar
    Fix this problem. Its a known issue that TONS of people have had starting in mid June. Its not just me or how I use my phone which has remained unchanged since I got it. This a a play services issue on YOUR end. Fix it. Ive seen dozens of forums full of folks that have the exact same problem that started at exactly the same time. It's really not just a bunch of dopes that don't know how to use their phones. I can't get messages or voice mails once play services fills up my drive. It's my PHONE. I need it to BE my phone. Fix this. Not cool guys
    08-24-2016 10:30 PM
  2. Belfry666's Avatar
    When are you going to fix this MAJOR problem of play services using up all the space on the Android? Tons of people are having the same issue which started in June, at least according to the hundreds of people on a numbet of forums ive visited. The problem is NOT on our end. Ive seen suggestions for 'fixing' this that all involve deleting data from google play services app only to have drives fill up again in no time. This is anacceptable. The problem is on the google play services end. Quit treating us like a bunch of complaining incompetent octogenarians that don't get this 'new fangled' internet thingy and AT LEAST admit that this is a problem coming from YOUR end. Not a product of consumer incompetence. I regularly have to delete over 750 MB of 'data' from google play services in order to get my EMAIL and VOICE MESSAGES yet the deletion has ZERO negative effects on ANY of my aps...So I have to ask...What in the name of Zeus is google play services DOING if I can delete 750MB of data with no ill effects to ANY of my phone's functions? Fix this. Id ALSO like for you guys to OWN this and ADMIT that this is a glitch on YOUR end, instead patronising us with the "have you tried -------". Yeah. I tried that. And so have all the hoards of other people with the EXACT SAME PROBLEM that started at the EXACT SAME TIME.

    PS. This isnt meant for folks in the community trying to help out their fellow Android users, but for the developers and company ITSELF that leave us in the dark basically saying ' you guys hash it out...Im busy hitting on this high-end Eastern European call girl on my 150 ft yacht to give a damn.
    08-24-2016 11:18 PM

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