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    My Samsung Infuse has started having a "boot loop" issue. It started with my battery draining faster than normal, wasn't receiving text then boom they show up. next was turning itself off, but easy to turn back on. Now, in order for it not to continue flashing Samsung, I have to remove the battery until I need it. I'm not with at&t anymore ported out and went with Net 10 in "2014" but the problem started before that. Seemed to get a little better with Net 10, but by April 2014 my phone became so non-trust worthy that I haven't used it since. At&t says it's a software update issue, but my phones software states it's "up to date" plus I'm not with at&t and at this time the phone isn't registered with any provider. I would like to start using it again, but need it 100% working. Is there any hope to bring this model phone back to it's original glory? Working!
    08-24-2016 11:07 PM

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