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    I got a free gear s2 from ATT with my Note 7. The first one overheated and was dead within 2 hours from trying to get a numbersync code. They sent me a second one, no overheating, but it still will not receive a sync code. It also says calls not forwarding periodically when I walk away from bluetooth area. I have a 3rd one coming but what in the world is stopping it from getting a sync code? ATT chat said its an issue with the gear and not on their end. Any suggestions?
    08-25-2016 09:49 AM
  2. Wmiller0428's Avatar
    Lol no this defiantly an AT&T issue, I gave the s7 edge and the gear s2 with the same issue. My Watch was replaced today and still no fix.
    08-25-2016 06:57 PM
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    I been to attend twice now and called customer service three times, no fix, still overheating and the battery last maybe four hours maybe if it doesn't overheat again and turn off again
    08-28-2016 10:47 AM
  4. JohnLeeStills's Avatar
    I got the Note 7 and Gear S2 with my upgrade
    When I picked up the watch in the store the rep couldn't get number sync to work after ~45 min of trying..my girlfriend was getting hungry and impatient so I told him I'd do it myself later
    When I got home the next day I set up number sync within 15 minutes, easy enough I guess but was being told by friends that no one could call me..sure enough calling either my phone or watch would immediate prompt an AT&T message saying
    "The number you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time"
    I went a week without being able to receive calls (on top of the terrible recption I already get with AT&T)
    I've already spent about 4 hours on the phone with AT&T support
    The first support guy called me on another line and ran a few tests on his end, had me restart a device here and there, he ultimately had me disable numbersync as a solution (which isn't a solution..I'm paying for this feature..).....he submitted a support ticket saying it was a network issue on their end and I would receive a call within 24 hours with a possible solution
    He ended the call with
    "Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully they can eventually resolve your issue."

    I never got a call back.

    I called again and the new support guy saw that the support team came to the conclusion that it was not an issue on their end and decided not to update me on the matter..
    The new support guy ran some more tests with me, this time factory resetting my watch, disabling numbersync, removing the device from the number sync list, wiping the settings of the gear app, and attempting a fresh number sync.
    We spent 1 hour on the phome for this simple task because the watch over heated at least 4 times during the numbersync process causing it to freeze..I would have to restart the device and he prompted me to factory reset the device again each time
    I told the support guy that I have experienced many overheating prompts with my device in the very short time of owning it, I've had it only a week and have seen at least a dozen overheating prompts
    He claimed that it was such an uncommon issue he had never even heard of it personally..yet while on the phone with him it overheated a handful of times
    "I am so so sorry for this inconvenience this must be so frustrating, I thank you for staying with me to resolve this issue."

    We finally, after an hour, got the watch and phone to the "getting sync code" portion of the numbersync and the watch would never generate a code..the support guy concluded that it was a registration issue on there end and the new support ticket he submitted would get back to me within 24 hours with a solution, he said he would get back to me personally since the last guy didnt bother to

    I am currently still within the 24 hour window awaiting a solution...

    I am going to demand compensation for this, unacceptable
    08-28-2016 11:26 PM
  5. Melissa Coleman Williams's Avatar
    I posted the original question and on my 3rd gear got a correction from att. The 2nd gear they sent was not defective. Att support found out that my phone was still linked to an old log in. Once i signed in with the old username and current password number sync worked just fine. It was on their end in the settings and she was able to see that with her managers help. It did take a supervisor to fix it.
    08-29-2016 10:41 AM
  6. JohnLeeStills's Avatar
    The second support guy followed up within 24 hours to tell me that the support team still had not come up with a solution but he would let me know as soon as they got back to him

    I never got a call back

    I received a text from AT&T telling me to call support about my open ticket
    I called and a new (third) support guy answered, he came across kinda pompous like he knew how to fix it and the others guys didn't

    "You need to turn off bluetooth, bluetooth causes the issues, just turn off bluetooth after you sync."

    we were on the phone for at least an hour going through different steps to get this new support guy to realize my problem, he then ran tests with my watch with only the mobile connection on..he noticed that he wasnt getting a good signal on their end and had me power cycle the watch while he "disabled and re-enabled" something on his end
    "There, now it has a good connection..."
    I don't remember exactly what he said but to paraphrase he said the watch has an integrated SIM card and the connection needed to be restarted on their end
    "No AT&T store would be able to see this, only we can see it. If this didn't work then the SIM card would be bad and we would just replace the watch."
    He made it seem like re-establishing the connection worked

    Then my watch generated a sync code..fast..then numbersync worked

    BUT, and thats a big but, he explained to me that the initial reason my phone/watch were not receiving calls was because when you have NumberSync enabled and you are connected to the watch with bluetooth YOU CANNOT RECEIVE CALLS..................

    enable bluetooth to upload music, update watch/watch apps/watch faces, change app layouts, do anything bluetooth related.......cant receive calls

    So I cant have bluetooth on with numbersync? "No you cant"
    ...Doesnt that defeat the purpose? "Yes it does"
    ...thats stupid "Yes it is..it doesnt make any sense but thats just the technology as it is now"

    it takes a good 4 minutes to disable and re-enable numbersync
    and you'll want to do that every time you enable bluetooth

    so my numbersync "works"
    whatever the hell that means
    08-30-2016 07:10 PM
  7. TX_REALTOR's Avatar
    I got a free gear s2 from ATT with my Note 7. The first one overheated and was dead within 2 hours from trying to get a numbersync code. They sent me a second one, no overheating, but it still will not receive a sync code. It also says calls not forwarding periodically when I walk away from bluetooth area. I have a 3rd one coming but what in the world is stopping it from getting a sync code? ATT chat said its an issue with the gear and not on their end. Any suggestions?
    08-31-2016 11:01 PM
  8. TX_REALTOR's Avatar
    I too am having same issue. I've had the watch 2 days and waaaay too much overheating. At one point the screen flashed and came back. My battery dies quick in just a few hours
    08-31-2016 11:02 PM
  9. suprteacher's Avatar
    I purchased the s7 edge with the free gear s2 watch (which I chose the upgraded s2 classic). I thought it was going to be awesome. The watch worked great..until I turned on mobile network and numbersync. Then it got really warm on my wrist and would go through the overheating, please wait..cooled cycle over and over until the battery would die within 2 hours at most.

    I then called at&t and they told me that I could exchange my s2 classic for a regular s2 as AT&T stopped selling the classic?? I just purchased this a week and a half prior. I let them reimburse me for the difference between the s2 and the classic and they shipped the s2 yesterday.

    In the meantime I decided to research more about this issue. Basically it only overheats when the mobile data is on. I can't pinpoint it to the numbersync as that feature only works when mobile data is on. My first attempt to fix was to make sure my messages were being synced (which they weren't). I thought I had everything fixed..until yesterday.

    I then called at&t again yesterday to talk to their "tech" department. That was a total joke and waste of time. They referred me to samsung over and over. I decided to try that and Samsung said it was a network problem as it worked great without the network hooked up. I called back to AT&T and got the runaround again. AT&T also said they had never heard of any issues with the gear s2 watch. SERIOUSLY????

    I have scoured the internet for any issues as my watch, phone, and gear app are all up to date. My messages are synced, and I had AT&T reset my watch connection. I've tried to light reset and hard reset the watch with no difference. I am really at a loss with this.

    The worst part is I can't even use this watch like I could my Gear 2 watch that didn't have a mobile network connection. At least with that watch I could make/receive calls using the bluetooth feature.

    I am going to be receiving the 'replacement' regular s2 soon. I'll try this out and see if anything works. If not, I'm going to cut my losses and get rid of it all. What a waste of time.

    09-01-2016 06:51 AM
  10. Rafterman00's Avatar
    I have a slightly different variation of this - I was connected to a Note 7 just fine, numbersync worked, everything was great. Well, then the Note 7 debacle happened, so I took the opportunity to test my Gear S2 Classic with my iPhone, using the Gear beta app. I did a watch factory reset, connected to the iPhone OK. But when I went to do numbersync from the website, I never received a code. I go to the Connections menu on the Gear to start numbersync setup from there - and the numbersync menu is missing. So is the NFC option - physically gone. Both were always in that menu previously. But now - gone. did a few more factory resets - the menu options for those two options are not there anymore.

    Samsung support,in their usual uselessness, said to send the watch in to be re-flashed. But I may just wait for the promised new firmware that adds some S3 features to their S2s later in the year - see if that put everything back.
    09-03-2016 09:58 AM
  11. suprteacher's Avatar

    So I received the s2 (not classic) as a warranty replacement from AT&T. I didn't activate it, but the 3/4g network was on. The watch lasted all night without getting warm and saying gear cooling down. The battery dropped very little. I was hoping this was going to be the watch I wanted.

    Then..I contact AT&T and get the SIM activated on this watch. After activating the watch I then synced the number (using numbersync) from my phone to the watch.

    Here's the bad news. The exact same problem began with my replacement s2 watch that happened to my classic. The watch began getting warm and started giving me the message..gear cooling down. Then a couple minutes later, the 'cooled' message. This kept happening over and over. Same issue.

    This only happens when the watch is connected to the AT&T network. If I have the watch connected to my phone using Bluetooth, it performs just as I would like. I can't pinpoint whether it's just the AT&T network or Numbersync.

    AT&T, please address the issue with your network and the gear s2 watch. In 1 hour 30 minutes, the watch went from 100% down to 20%. It has went through the cooling process constantly during this process. This cannot be good for the watch.
    09-06-2016 03:49 PM

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