1. AC Question's Avatar
    hi, i am amit my phone motoe 2nd g 4g which is having issue where i unable to enable my sim cards it happen after i insert another 4g supportable sim card after removing that sim card my phn network is not enable any how i reset my phone reboot after sim cart insert remove sim then on or off but did not resolve that issue is there any way to resolve this issue.
    08-25-2016 01:01 PM
  2. sfoLAX's Avatar
    Hello Amit.
    Are you saying you have a single or dual sim Moto E 2014 that was working fine until you put in a different sim on 4G and since you took it out again your regular sim is not working.

    Was the temporary sim on a different network / carrier.

    If you go to Settings - More (Wireless and Networks) - Mobile Networks - Access Point Names, is it showing the apn settings for the temporary card still, or both.

    You would need to just register a username on Android Central to respond, or use a Google + account. Thanks.
    08-25-2016 02:51 PM

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