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    Is it possible to get one-on-one assistance via phone/skype/remote viewing, paid or otherwise for some tech support? And if paid, how much? I'm looking for an Android techie expert who would be confident they could assist me with my Galaxy Note 4 (SMN910C). I'm based in Australia, the phone came from China. Samsung Australia help desk won't assist because it's a grey import.
    Problem existed from newly receiving the phone a few weeks ago. And yes, I factory reset first up, as soon as I got the phone (and upgraded to marshmallow). Phone signal will not work when network mode is set on LTE/WCDMA/GMA (but data works fine 4G) and phone signal is perfect when phone set on WCDMA/GSM but it means data flicks between 2G and 3G only. In all other regards the phone is working perfectly.
    I've done some research and have a loose theory about the LTE band settings and would like to explore the possibility of accessing the service mode via a guestimated MMI code. Not sure though, whether those settings influence the phone signal. Someone who knows all this stuff would no doubt have far more of a clue.
    Sending it back to where I bought it from is an option (that's what they are asking me to do), but I'm keen not to lose all the customisation and/or also be without the phone for possibly weeks so I'd like to see if some savvy input can sort it – without compromising the store's warranty.
    In the realm of possibility? If not here, any suggestions where else?
    08-26-2016 01:06 AM

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