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    Hi all!

    I need some help deciding between these two phones. Now, I have the upper hand at the minute versus other buyers choosing between the two, as I actually own both models.

    I currently have the Silver version of the Samsung S7 and the Titan grey version of the LG G5. I also have the LG Cam Plus module which I will mention shortly. Here's my two cents -

    Build - two different materials, still great feeling. Personally the S7 fits in the hand better and is easier to use one handed. The LG is slightly larger and has sharper corners, but still feels like a quality device.

    Screen - Super AMOLED vs LCD. I love the Samsungs brighter display, but the LG offers more true to life colours and doesn't darken shadows as much as the Samsung. Some people will like the more saturated look of the S7, but skin tones are unnatural and colours - especially red - do not look natural at all.

    Software & Hardware - Both run Android 6, both have an app drawer, both perform great. Simple as that. No lag issues with either and I can't honestly say which UI I prefer, both are great.

    Cameras - Now this may cause a stir up. I prefer the G5's camera. The S7's is super quick and takes really great photos, but like the screens, the LG's photos are more natural looking. Both are tack sharp and you would have to pixel peep to choose between them, which I do not do. And the wide angle lens for me is a huge bonus and is nice to have.

    Connections - Both have headphone jacks, both have decent speakers. But I prefer the Type C charging port of the LG over the older micro USB.

    Battery - Both get me through a day easily, so nothing else to comment.

    LG 'friends' - The only module I thought I'd find useful was the Camp Plus which actually came with my phone. After using it for around 20mins, I took it off and pretty much hated it. Not only do they not offer different colours (as it comes in silver only and I have the Titan grey module which looks stupid paired together), the spinny wheel on the corner is right where you rest your finger when using the shutter button, so you end up zooming in or out when you don't want to. Poor effort LG.

    Side Notes - I do not use Wireless charging. The waterproof-ness of the S7 is a bonus but not needed. The modules are pretty much useless for me on the G5. The fingerprint sensor is much better on the G5.

    So from that you would probably assume the LG is the keeper for me with it's better screen, nicer camera, better charging port and it's quicker fingerprint sensor - right? Correct, but there is something about the S7 that just makes it nicer to use and look at....I can't put my finger on it.

    Anyone help!?
    08-26-2016 03:46 AM

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