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    I am curious as to find out the charging rate for my phone (S7 Edge).

    Most ampere apps (Ampere, Ampere Meter, Live Charging etc.) will give you an almost real-time update of the charge your phone is receiving. The problem is that it doesn't give you an average Amp.

    Example: using the Adaptive Fast Charging plug, Ampere measured 2 A. Great BUT when I look at the numbers, the charge is usually around 700 - 900 mA. I was charging from 70% to 90%.

    Based on this, i can conclude that even though these plugs claim to charge at 2 A, it doesn't always charge max. I understand there are a different variables when it comes to the amount of power charging the phone.

    For example, my phone is draining battery as well (from running apps, screen etc.) and the phone might have rules where it if is near 90% it will lower the amp. But it still rarely gets anywhere near 2 A. My phone, i noticed when it is not charging, it is discharging at 200 - 400 mA. I am using the cable i got from the phone (legitimate Samsung cable so this shouldn't an issue of not getting the full 2 A).

    I also noticed that if i charge from a 10 watt Apple charger, it will hit 1 A but most of the time it is charging below 200 mA (which is horrible!).

    I don't see much info online about this. I like to know if there's an app where it not only measures the min, max per charge but also the average.

    I won't mind doing some tests and sharing the data. I ordered a Fast Charging Wireless and love to run some tests and see how much Amps it is actually charging.

    08-26-2016 04:42 AM

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