1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have a Galaxy Grand Prime. I want the lock screen notifications on for messages etc. But I don't want lock screen notifications from the weather app. I have them turned off for the app but they keep coming anyway, even after I've restarted. The native accuweather app is pretty terrible. If I could, I'd just turn it off. But there doesn't even seem to be a way to disable it.
    08-26-2016 09:04 AM
  2. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    I get no messages from Accuweather having deselected weather notifications. The Accuweather widget can be removed
    08-26-2016 09:16 AM
  3. tmaze's Avatar
    Is it possibly a widget that needs to be removed from the screen rather than just a notification?
    08-26-2016 10:19 AM

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