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    Hey all. The Galaxy Note 7 got my attention and I've made the switch. I have 45gig of music matched up in the cloud. I've successfully copied my library to both Amazon Music and Google Play Music. Both of those apps are now installed on my Note 7.

    Being a complete Android Rookie that I am, I'm trying to determine which service (or both) should I sync back down to my Note 7 for offline playing. I've done a sample set of Artists, and it seems that both Amazon and Google save to different locations that are not common or shared, nor do they allow me to specify directory locations, only Internal Mem or SD Card.

    Now, from an iPhone perspective, all my local tracks were visible to every music app I had on the device, never had to concern myself with it at all.

    From what I can see on the Note 7, this isn't the case, I could literally and quite easily end up duplicating my music library (and even risk having Amazon attempt to upload the Google tracks; and Google upload the Amazon tracks even though they are the exact same) and there for consume double the amount of storage on my SD card than is necessary.

    So new android friends. I'm trying to learn how to manage all this in the new world order. (And I suspect the same is true for my photo libraries as well).

    What's the best practice with local off-line music on Android? Is there a way to share local tracks easily among the various applications? Thanks so much for your insight and guidance.

    08-26-2016 02:47 PM

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