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    I've read the other thread on a similar issue to mine, but nothing in that thread helped so thought I'd start a new one to see if anyone can shed any light.

    I've got a galaxy tab s 10.5 running lollipop and up until a month ago all was fine. I had a change in my work shift and didn't use it until today.

    Turned it on this afternoon, noticed that the wifi was taking ages to connect, so clicked it off, nothing.

    Waited for a few minutes and the wifi turned off, then I clicked it on, nothing.

    Waited for another few minutes and it turned off automatically by itself.

    So I rebooted the tablet and tried again.

    No luck.

    Went on to my laptop and did a little research and came to the thread I mentioned above, tried a few things and nothing worked.

    Found out BT wouldn't work either.

    I'm now at a stand still as nothing I've tried has worked. I've read about sidesync but can't disable it as the button is just greyed out. I've rebooted into safe mode, rebooted into system and deleted cache etc etc.

    Nothings worked.

    So here I am asking for hayelp!


    08-26-2016 03:26 PM
  2. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    Wifi/bt module failure by the sound of it. It's fairly common to Samsung. Unfortunately a new motherboard is needed to fix. Take it to a repair shop for a proper assessment.
    08-26-2016 04:27 PM

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