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    Chrome is currently frozen on my Galaxy s5 by a popup ad offering a prize, If I click "OK". I want to know how I can unfreeze the screen. All the advice I can find explains how to clear the cache in Chrome, but I can't access Chrome. I have tried "Force Stop" in the application manager. It there another back entry that I can use? I want to know how to fix this immediate problem, not how to prevent it from happening again.
    08-27-2016 01:19 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Immediate fix: tap Recents, then swipe that page away.
    08-27-2016 05:57 AM
  3. CassieOz's Avatar
    Sorry for being thick but where do I find 'Recents' if my browser is blocked and I can't use it?

    Sorry, forgot to mention mine is a Samsung Galaxy SM-T800 tablet.
    09-09-2016 08:53 PM
  4. belodion's Avatar
    I meant, tap your Recents button, which I believe is the bottom left button on a Sammie, and swipe that page away. That's the immediate fix you requested, though the pop-ups will probably recur without permanent fixes being applied.

    Welcome as a new member.
    09-10-2016 05:41 AM
  5. CassieOz's Avatar
    Alas, no Recents button on the tablet and even if I 'force close' my browser (Chrome) it obligingly reopens the tab with the pop up every time I try to reopen the browser and I can't find a way of accessing my recent internet pages except through the browser which is ... frozen. Ho hum
    09-10-2016 07:29 AM
  6. belodion's Avatar
    One moment please....I will ask others with knowledge of Sammies.

    Edit: I've done that and as a result think that my answer is correct. Sorry, I don't know what else to say.
    09-10-2016 12:38 PM

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