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    Hello, first of all I'd like to greet everyone as I am a new member, this implies that I wasn't really sure where exactly should I post this thread.
    So recently I started experiencing a weird problem on my android device. It is a Lenovo K5 (Not Plus version), running Android 5.1.1 from the box with Kingston 32 GB class 10 sd card in it (recently bought). The problem is that when I am listening to my music (all in mp3 format) in some tracks there is a weird sound (not popping/crackling, i don't really know how to describe it) and the audio either resumes like a second later or it totally skips to a next track. This occurs in random tracks and random times however it persists so if I encounter it in eg. "track1.mp3" at 1:42 and play another one, when I go back to that "track1.mp3" it is still there in the same exact timestamp (1:42).
    When I remove this file and replace it with the same one from my PC the problem is gone for that track. Same when I plug the device in and try to play the file from the PC. No matter headphones or speaker.
    Also tried different audio players (Poweramp/Shuttle/Pulsar) and looked for help in the internet (duh) and well similar problems are not quite what I am struggling with here. I formatted my SD card - first on my phone, as that didn't help also on my PC (quick formatting off), all of it in Fat32.
    Furthermore there was another problem with the device. A small percentage of photos would have grey rectangles on them few hours after they were taken, so I thought that might be associated. After formatting on PC I didn't get any of those for last 2 days.
    As nothing really worked I came here dying for some helpful answers, so please help me if you have any clues as to what to do.
    08-27-2016 02:03 PM
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    The first thing people wonder is where you bought the card from. Was it from ebay or from somewhere more reputable? From your description, it sounds like the card is corrupted... especially since you mention the grey rectangles on your photos. I would check to see if the card is fake. Run SD Insight to see if it picks up the card and can tell you if it's a fake or not.
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    08-28-2016 04:44 AM
  3. Hellfriend's Avatar
    It seems that you might be right. I bought it from a web store (sort of like Ebay for my country). I run the app and it literally says that the SD card is invalid. It only displays manuf. date and wrong size (34GB). I checked with my old 8 GB card and it was fine, displays all the informations correctly. I am gonna try to return it then. Funny thing because the online shop I bought it from was the most popular one for this particular card. Thank you for the help.
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    08-28-2016 08:25 AM
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    I've not had any problems with Sandisk cards, but then I buy them from Costco here in the US. Supposedly, Kingstons are rebadged cards according to some info on the internet. Try to stay with known manufactures (Sandisk, Samsung), pay the premium price, if you can, so you know what you're getting... and buy from reputable vendors, like Amazon. I would never buy a card from ebay... too many fakes... you just never know what you're going to get. Good luck with the return!
    08-28-2016 02:27 PM

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