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    I haven't even had my HTC for a year and it's been acting up for a while now, until it decided to just quit. I keep getting an "IP configuration problem" error. After some research I made a static IP and made sure it would not match anything else in my house. I was finally able to connect but then it just said my internet was unstable, and just disconnected when I switch it back to DHCP (I did not turn my Wi-Fi off before I changed it).

    Then I just turned it off and back on and it started working again. And this was my solution for a while, every time I left the house and needed to reconnect I did that.

    Now every thing that worked before won't work at all. Forgetting my Wi-Fi and reconnecting, wps push, static IP, off and on again, and even a dang factory reset did nothing.

    The strangest thing is the "connect" button only works once every time I turn it on. Meaning I have to reset my phone just to test if my new idea will work.

    I heard that routers have a limit so I turned my computer off just in case that was what's wrong. Still nothing, and my computer connect back fine.

    I'm not ready to give up on my phone just yet so please help! I just got it March this year, it's not that old and I hardly download anything on it.
    08-27-2016 11:39 PM

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