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    I bought a Samsung GS3 about 3 years ago-ish.

    It has served me well-ish, but there have been many issues with the SD card getting corrupted again and again.

    Also, the micro USB connection has become pretty terrible.

    The main thing I want the phone for is a handheld device that I can listen to audiobooks and music on (the audiobook apps being very useful for saving places, etc), that also doubles as backup GPS for when satnav dies, ok camera, phone, and internet access.

    I was thinking of upgrading.

    Low budget, so was thinking of going with the LG G3 (seems to have all of the above that I'm looking for, whilst also scoring high on ethical consumer's website list of).

    A few questions:

    Once my external SD card has corrupted, does that mean it is permanently damaged? I see posts about saying the GS3 fries/fried SD cards. It became corrupted once, I reformatted, it was ok for a while, but then it corrupted soon after (before you ask, it was a samsung SD).

    Are all micro USB connections ****/a product of planned obsolescence? Both the connections on my satnav and phone have gotten to the point where you have pull/angle the charging/connection-cable to get it to charge/connect. It seems like this would be fixable with a simple external adjustment but I have searched for a fix, and none seem to work. Are the newer micro-usb devices (mainly phones) less prone to a break in this area?

    Any recommendations on models that are pretty stable/bug/fault free?
    08-28-2016 06:52 PM

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