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    I was very excited about adoptable storage. When i actually used it, i was very very disappointed.not that i had lag issues or anything like that...it made my internal storage useless except for moving installed apps{but not app data like obb files which are huge in size[REALLY |GOOGLE????]} and i couldn't see my internal storage on es file explorer......If you are a user[LIKE ME]who needs a lot of space for installing games then ONLY HUWAEI Phones are there for you because it allows you to keep game data om external sd card without rooting
    , adoptable storage and the card was still portable..

    (in huwaei y5ii running android lollipop, i experimented with 2 games (Asphalt 8 and NOVA 3). I kept both their huge data files on sd card and they worked. And GUESS WHAT!!!! They were NOT ROOTED. I was shocked

    I've never seen this on any other phones like samsung. motorola etc[if i moved data to sd card, games again needed to dowload data].

    When i searched on the internet on how to move game data to sd card and keep the game working. Only solution was to root....[And no it did not depend on app developers{reasons others stated} in case of huwaei ]..........Why doesn't GOOGLE put this feature on its Android OS because adoptable storage is worthless in this case
    (internal > external)memory. And is there any way to keep game data on sd card without rooting???? as in huawei phones
    08-29-2016 02:32 AM

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