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    I have a Vodafone 206 MiFi - basically a Huawei E5220. I bought an unlock code on Ebay, which seemed to work, and I've used it with a Voiamo/GiffGaff/GlobalGig SIM for some months in several countries in Europe. When I'm at home it uses the 3 nertwork.

    I recently bought a PAYG 3 data SIM (12GB, valid for 12 months). This works as expected in my Samsung smartphone, BUT it won't work in my MiFi. I've reset the unit, tried it in different locations, but nothing has worked. I've talked to 3 Help, and they've been very helpful, but their (fairly reasonable) attitude is that the SIM works in my phone, and I didn't buy the MiFi from them, so they can't help any more.

    Can anyone tell me how to get the SIM working in the MiFi? All suggestions welcome.


    08-29-2016 02:08 PM
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    Hello. Just a guess. I can only go on memory here. I had both (still have a sim free E5332).

    If you initiated the 12gb sim on a phone it makes it difficult to set up on the mifi.

    If you had unwrapped it and put it straight in to the mifi unit and connected a laptop / pc you would have been invited to set it up with a new account.
    It then would not work on a phone.

    Can you get any connection on a pc to enter 192.168.11?

    Otherwise the mifi may not be fully unlocked. I would try to exchange it in a CEX store for a more recent factory unlocked Huawei model.

    I vaguely remember having to contact an Amazon supplier once for a similar issue and they had a solution, so try your source.

    That's all I can offer...

    Oh and I have that mifi unit stored in a case in my car as a back up WITH a £1 EE data sim that is "loaded" with 200mb. I think they are still available in supermarkets for a £1 (Sainsburys), but I never tried it.
    Worth seeing if it works in yours for a pound.
    08-29-2016 03:49 PM

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