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    The turbo charger it came with seems to work fine, but that is it. Computer USB, car/wall charging ports, nothing seems to be able to outpace the actual usage. Even this morning in the car using a Nav app(Waze) and plugged in, the phone battery dropped 14% during the hour+ ride. If I dont use the phone at all, the charge will normally crawl up ever so slowly, so I know it is getting something. Do I need to buy all new ports, is this phone a total turd, or do I just have a lemon?

    I've tried multiple USB-C cables plugged into numerous PC USB ports, car stereo USB ports, multiple car charger ports, a bunch of wall charging ports, etc....and I pretty much get the same thing. Even the "turbo charger" doesnt get anywhere close to 85% in 15 minutes, or whatever they claim. And total use time is less that 10 hours, not the 29 hours they advertise.

    Verizon tells me they see an unusually high amount of Android activity going on behind the scenes, but I dont know
    08-30-2016 11:55 AM

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