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    I registered my Samsung account on my new Note 7 by using a undesired old eMail account and I wanted to correct it to the eMail account that I actually use but the Samsung system will not allow it and informs me that it cannot be done because that eMail I want to use "is already been registered" (probably on my old Samsung device I assume, and Samsung does NEITHER figure this out NOR offer any other solution other that creating a NEW eMail account!).

    So if the eMail that I want to use has already been registered --so what ! --I own those two eMail accounts! Why can't I just update my new Samsung device with my preferred eMail account ?!?

    So I had to resort to Deleting my Samsung account trough their website: www.samsung.com/us -then Log-In -then go to "my account info", then scroll to bottom and press "Close account". Guess what, it still keeps the account open forever !

    Does anyone can offer an solution not necessarily to close account but specially to REASSING my PREFERED eMail address on my new device ?
    08-30-2016 12:32 PM
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    Go into the account that has the phone on it, then remove it. There is an option to remove. Be sure and remove your Samsung account from your phone first.

    Then log into the correct Samsung account and use it and it should register the phone there.

    Also they can merge accounts, that I know. You might want to use your Samsung Plus video chat app and ask Samsung Plus to help you.
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    08-30-2016 01:13 PM

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