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    Nexus (2013) tablet is rooted and then factory reset in hard way, when start up, the following is the sequence:
    1. Google with Lock screen shows
    2. 4 color dots keep spinning,
    3. if nothing is touched, after a few minutes, the screen blacks out
    4. if the power + Up/down buttons are pressed while dots are spinning, "Android Starting, Optimizing x of xx apps"screen may show up
    5. After optimization finishes, "Starting apps " screen show up for a few minutes and then screen blacks out
    6. After screen blacks out, pressing Power button once does light up the screen slightly (only noticeable in the dark). Holding Power triggers "Power Off" on the screen.
    have Factory rest and erase Cache partition several times but nothing has changed. tried to connect the device to PC via adb/fastboot, but windows does not even recognize it as other device

    what might be wrong? any suggestions on what to do next? thank you for your time and any help.
    08-31-2016 09:03 PM

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