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    Seemingly overnight my Galaxy Note 4 went from "speedy enough" to "lags so much that I can't type a text". It upgraded to Android 6.0 over a month ago, and things were relativity smooth. Then, two weeks ago it all of a sudden became incredibly slow. Typing a text message consists of me tapping the keys and waiting a few seconds for the words to catch up. It is so laggy that when I hit the sleep (shut of screen) button, the screen lags as it goes black. To top it off, I can no longer use FB messenger because the phone freezes everything its opened. I ended up uninstalling it.

    Furthermore, the battery dies about 2x faster than it did which occurred at the same time as this lag. Looking at the battery info, in settings, Android OS and Android System are now top on the list (near 20% each) for battery usage. This is contrast to what I usually see which is things like screen and other apps.

    I did not download any new apps or change anything in my phone when these problems suddenly started.
    08-31-2016 11:51 PM
  2. zachncolorado's Avatar
    Things I've tried:

    Restarting the phone (several times)

    Taking the battery out and holding down the power button (don't know if that does anything).

    Switching batteries
    09-01-2016 12:05 AM

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