1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have an AT&T S5 sm-g900a that is on android version 4.4.4

    I now use this phone on the cricket wireless service.
    I tried updating before switching my service to cricket, using the AT&T Sim card, Still get no update available. I've also tried through WiFi with no luck. There is plenty of memory as i've reset the phone.

    i've downloaded samsung kies3 an it doesn't pick up any new updates either.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
    09-01-2016 05:20 PM
  2. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    The AT&T sim card has to be valid to catch the update. You could also take it to a Best Buy
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    09-01-2016 05:26 PM
  3. 7R4V's Avatar
    As in valid you mean the AT&T service has to be active?
    09-01-2016 05:33 PM
  4. Cavboygt's Avatar
    Yup att is super slow in update. The problem is most of the apps is update for MM. Im having problem with gps and map is not accurate and low signal bar. I fix this by going to best buy samsung update to 5.1.1 no MM yet
    09-01-2016 11:07 PM
  5. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    As in valid you mean the AT&T service has to be active?
    09-02-2016 02:24 AM

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