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    i am just a kid from poor family who has been cheated by friends in buying a bad tablet arnova 10d g3
    it was my years of saving and dreams just broke into pieces....and there is no one in the world is trying to help me other than

    ask hime he knows...
    ask the developer he is best at this
    your device is a ****...cant help you..
    please close the forum and reopen in another section
    no replies..
    this is how you a treat a man...just kicking like foot ball?
    i came here in internet seeking for developers because ... i thought you guys are better than me...will help me... i am so sad that you all are moking at me and saying ... no more device supports..no roms released ,bad hardware,i dont have the device , so i cant test, i dont want to ruin your device as it is now...
    if i were someone like relative wont you ever had try to help me once than saying reasons to avoid me?
    animals are best than human beings atleast they stay together helping each other...
    i hate you guys... one day you will loose some thing precious by doing *your work as being a developer... your heart will brake and you will think of me... i am cursing upon you all the developers...you will never be worthy as a developer anymore...
    go on mocking again seeing this postss
    go on and say why dont you scold your friends on cheating...ell they are better than you... atleast they stoood by my side than just mocking around...
    ​​​​​​​i hate you all...
    09-02-2016 04:37 AM

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