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    I have a Note 5 and have already gone through two Zagg screen protectors. I had the phone for two weeks and had the phone in the same pocket of my coat (top pocket), it had an ink pen clipped to the inside of the same pocket. The ink pen caused a small chip. I went back to Best Buy and the installed a new one. The phone is now 5 months old and yesterday the phone went black, I took it to BB, Samsung said they would fix it until they took the Zagg cover off and the entire screen was cracked from the button up. NO I have not dropped it. The Zagg cover had some small hairline cracks but not anything like the phone. I called Zagg and they sent us a gift card for $100.00 now my thought is if they didn't think they were responsible why did they send us more then what we paid. Samsung won't cover it because I was told I dropped it... I did not any anyway drop it. Any suggestions. I was wondering if anyone else has had an issue?
    09-02-2016 01:35 PM
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    Well you contacted all the right channels and did what was necessary to locate a plausible means of having the phone/screen corrected.. but it would appear that you might have to use the gifted green to purchase a new phone or have the screen replaced.. and seeing how Samsung said they wouldn't fix it assuming you simply dropped it.. I would buy an unlocked phone similar to yours and carry on.. I think in this instances.. the Zagg cover would be at fault.. thus I would avoid this type of cover in the future.
    09-02-2016 01:48 PM

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