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    I bought the Samsung S 5 when I signed up with Verizon 14 months ago. Last month I switched to T-Mobile, however i keep getting a message notifying me that this is not a Verizon SIM card. First of all, how could it even know that if the brain of the phone "IS" the SIM card? I would love to know if it is possible to remove the Verizon hardware (apps and boot up screen), without hurting the phone's or Samsung's hardware or functionality. Basically as if I just bought the phone ALONE with no carrier from Best Buy or Sam's as an example. Being disabled, I really can't afford to throw $500 down on a new phone because they intentionally make their hardware so INCOMPATIBLE with every other carrier. Any info or even a business that can guarantee it can be done without affecting the future use and options with the Galaxy S 5. The version od the Galaxy S 5 is a G900V, if that helps. Talk about, "I wish I knew then what I know now!!!"
    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    09-02-2016 02:41 PM

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