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    I am using HTC Desire 626s phone.
    I first moved all my apps back to internal memory. Then I backed up all my photos/music/etc. Afterwards, I formatted my SD card to internal memory. I decided to choose the manually move from storage option instead of migrating all my apps automatically. After I tried to move my apps but everything was blank! Under Settings > Apps, nothing loads. It is just all blank. Under Settings > Storage > Phone Storage > Apps, it is also blank, but it says I have 1.99 GB of apps. I just can't see it in there! Under Settings > Storage > SD > Apps, it is also blank because it has 0 data in there right now so it makes sense.

    I don't know what happened because I tested all my apps and they all work perfectly so I know they are in fact stored in phone right now. I just need a way to be able to see them so I can move them to the SD card as well as be able to configure them.

    I looked online for answers but none had my issue. Any solutions! Please help and thank you.
    09-02-2016 04:35 PM

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