1. AC Question's Avatar
    I would like to actually find the SD card and what content or apps are stored on it please help thank you
    09-03-2016 05:56 PM
  2. sfoLAX's Avatar
    Hello. It's probably easiest to check what apps have portions there by going to Settings - Applications Manager - swipe left for the SD Card column. If you didn't deliberately move any there via this list or another column, there will not be any. Apps download to the device storage.

    Do you have an SD Card installed.
    You can open the My Files app, or look at Settings - Storage.
    If you connect to a pc with a usb cable, you can browse the folders in both device and sd card storage.

    Inside Marshmallow: USB connection options http://www.androidcentral.com/inside...ection-options
    09-03-2016 06:52 PM

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