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    Starting yesterday, my G4 stopping finding the cell network and gave me a service diasabled note and a little x above the signal strength bars.

    Power on cycling the phone did not help. Wifi still worked and could connect to the cell towe via a MiFi device. All other devices work to connect to cell network either directly or via the mifi.

    I tried a soft reset via the power/volume down service menu. Tied clearing the cache as recommended on one forum thread. Nothing seemed to work. Turned the phone off and let it fully charge. No joy when turning it back on, but yesterday when I restarted through the service menu it finally came back with 3G. Phone worked, but not data services

    Was able to access data via wifi, and was playing spotify when, at 10pm, everything quit again. Nothing I tried would bring cell or wifi connectivity back. (showed connected to wifi via mifi, and again other devices worked, but not this one

    Today no luck in morning after charging all night no matter what I tried. This afternoon, after powering up through the service mode, came up with full connectity at 4G

    Kind of afraid to touch it at the moment.

    Final notes.

    Software shows upgraded to 26A in July, and has been a bit flakey since them. Sometimes when I manually disable cell data to check the mifi, the slide button disappears and I have to power cycle the phone to get it back

    Software shows running 2016-06-01

    Issues seem to start in earnest when I had to change my password to a gmail account via my main computer. I knew paws was no longer correct, but would not give me a place to update it under that account. Coincidence?????

    USB does not seem to be working in terms of being able to get my pics off this device or back up to my computer. My computer says I have plugged in a corrupted USB device and will not recognize it. Until I can save my pics elsewhere, afraid to try a full factory reset

    Finally under system/about phone/status, it shows " last factory data reset" of 9/2 at 2:28. I did not do anything then as I was driving, and issues started not long after. Again, may be conincience, but ??
    09-04-2016 01:01 PM

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