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    my cd in my music file. Im not very computer smart.
    09-04-2016 02:58 PM
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    Here's a series of images I created to show others what is one of the easiest way to transfer images or data to and from your PC to your phone.

    IMPORTANT: You must have your device on and out of the locked screen in order for your computer to accurately see your device and it's internal & external folders. Otherwise if you do not unlock your device and simply connect to your computer, it may not show your device or it might show the device just not any of the folders. So unlock your phone before attempting this.

    Image 1: Showing what it might look like when you connect your phone to your PC:
    How to load music from desktop to my Galaxy s5 active-tumblr_ocw01lved31vf2i5jo1_540.png
    Note: In this case on the left side of the screen within the folder manager, you might see my phone has been labeled as "T0ASTERvan" and is clearly connected to my PC (Win10) On the right side of the screen you will see that I've selected the phones internal memory/op sys & the MicroSD card the colored bars indicate how much memory both of these devices have been use.

    Image 2: Shows what the internal memory/op sys of the phone would look like:
    How to load music from desktop to my Galaxy s5 active-tumblr_ocw01lved31vf2i5jo2_1280.png
    Note: I've highlighted the music folder just to show you that a folder has or should have been created for you from the factory.

    Image 3: Shows the MicroSD card and at this point you can create a music folder as a location to send your music files. Music files must be compatible with your phone's op sys in order to play. Typically any MP3 or MP4 type music file is acceptable.
    How to load music from desktop to my Galaxy s5 active-tumblr_ocw01lved31vf2i5jo3_1280.png

    With this basic knowledge of what to look for and how to create the folder.. You may need to open multiple windows in order to drag and drop the files into the desired folder. You might even be allowed to "Send to" and select the phone. However in doing this.. it may not end up in the music folder you created.

    In order to "send to" right click the selected music file which will bring up a list of options. One might be to your phone or other locates.

    In my opinion, it's best to click and drag what ever files from your computer to a desired location on your phone. Taking this knowledge,m you can take images or music from your phone and send them to you PC.

    Perhaps one day, I'll actually create a how to video just as a reference for others.

    Side Note: Just to let everyone know how my phone connects to my computer.. the small icon to the left of my assigned smart phone name .. shows that I've connected via my Window Media Player (small phone/iTune player icon)
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    Awesome post--thanks T0ASTERvan!
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    09-05-2016 12:02 AM
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    Excellent post-guide! Subscribed and I'll link it in the future in similar threads. Thanks for effort, mate!
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    09-05-2016 08:03 PM
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    Today's Tip:

    "Selecting the right SD or MicroSD card for your device"

    As I've been saying in the above post, there are several ways to regain access to your lost data assuming it's not been completely deleted. But even there there are apps or software for system and data recovery. (Note: If you've never attempted to recover data or images and this is your first time.. best leave this to the pros)

    The memory card or stick is one of the best ways to save your data, but there can be instance where your data has gone missing simply because you re-flashed your devices hard drive which intern flashes any external (but connected) storage drive. But let's not jump ahead of ourselves.. We need to select the best card or external storage device for your system.

    1) The easiest way is of course connecting/syncing your device to Google Drive.. I've personally have not used this service nor will I. Just seems redundant because I have loads of SD or flash card/drive here and just seem easier for me this way.

    2) I've touched on this before in another area.. but when sentineling a flash card to use as an external back which means having to connect your smart phone or tablet to your computer.. One should consider the amount of space on the flash and the amount of space which you will need in order to complete the data transfer. Connect an empty flash drive/memory stick to your computer, locate the internal settings and check the preferences by right clicking the "removable drive". Note there are hidden folders and files on the flash drive which the drive needs in order to connect to you computer correctly. So don't panic when you only see a slightly less number of storage space on the drive when it's been listed as a 32GB worth of storage. But doesn't hurt to format the card or flash before you start transferring data.

    3) When shopping for a SD card and depending on your needs, you're looking to match up the maximum amount of storage with the fastest speed rating possible. Often many of use simply over look the speed rating simply because we've never been told about his.. Assuming you enter the store, find a SD card which works for your device and is listed as having 256GB worth of storage for only $10.00 Wow sounds like a great deal.. but wait.. checking the speed rating might show you why this card is soo cheap.. a speed rating is necessary when transferring images or data to and from the card. The lower the number, the slower the transfer rate. So always match or pair up the most storage memory with the highest speed rating possible for better data transfer.

    For more information about the speed class rating and the correct card for you device:

    SD/SDHC/SDXC Specifications and Compatibility

    Lastly, I've been researching "External Storage Options For Your Smart Phone or Tablet" here something that might just replace the SD card:


    If you have a request or question about for something I've researched, let me know and I'll look into it for you.
    09-07-2016 08:14 AM

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