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    "How To Benefit From Using The Forum"

    In order to fully benefit from the forum and to acquire the best possible answer from other forum members, administrators and moderation staff, Please follow the posting instructions below

    1) Yes this is an android support forum.. but not all of us can read your mind when it comes to what your issues you're experiencing and what type of device you're using. Please submit relevant details about your device and issue.. Saying or asking: "X wont work, Help!" doesn't help those of us willing to offer you support your issue.

    2) Make sure you post as much relevant information about your issue, along with the type of Android device you're using.

    3) Add any images/screen shots that will be help those offering support. Remember an image can better your chances for others to pinpoint a more actuate answer. For more info: http://forums.androidcentral.com/gen...d-central.html

    4) Has it already been answered within another posted area? Please search the forum for your question or an issue which be similar to what you're experiencing.

    5) We all have different ways of accessing or correcting data or issues with data recovery. Please be mindful to those offering support seeing how many of us have experienced the same issue you have and have offered our support within the forums freely. (IE: I'm not getting paid to do this.. so think twice about spouting off at those answers you feel are not relevant in your case.)

    6) There's always light at the end of the tunnel.. However this may mean returning the phone/device to the place you purchased it. Do Not attempt to repair the device yourself.

    7) If English is NOT your parent language, please ask for a translator to assist you when posting your question.

    8) Please be polite to those offering you support and vice versa.. we're all in the same boat and sometimes it doesn't hurt to thank those that have helped you by returning to the post and offering up your thanks or by clicking the "like" option in the lower right side of the comment box.

    9) Not all issues are Android operating system related. Often the app itself could have an issue which the developer may not be aware of. In this case reporting an app error within the Android forums might be a bit pointless. Please contact the app's developer and inform them of the app's error.

    10) Have you rooted your smart phone?.. Many of you have attempted to root your smart phone in an attempt to be special and learn or access the phone's coding.. In the event that your inadvertently screw something up while attempting to root your phone, All bets are off when asking a question within the forum.

    This means that if you've taken it upon yourself to attempt something which you do not have any knowledge in doing and something messes up, do not expect those offer support to know what it is you've done to your phone in order to correct the issue. In other words.. "Root your phone at your own risk".

    Thank you
    09-05-2016 04:04 AM
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    10-02-2016 10:01 AM
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    The one you left out is:

    IF YOU EXPECT AN ANSWER, AND SOMEONE ASKS YOU A QUESTION, YOU HAVE TO REGISTER* IN ORDER TO ANSWER IT And we can't answer your question until you answer ours. Maybe we need to know which phone you're talking about, because what you need is different for different phones. Or maybe we need to know which version of Android you're running, because it's different for different versions. But if you don't answer our questions (even to ask "Where do I find that?"), we can't help you.

    *To register, go to this page. You won't get spam emails, your information won't be given out, it will just allow you to answer our questions in the conversation you started. (A post like "It's a Samsung S9", standing in its own conversation ["thread" is the proper word] is useless. Yes, what about an S9? You know what you're referring to, but both posts, and thousands more, were made by "Android Central Question", so we can't tell what you're talking about.)
    12-02-2019 07:12 PM

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