1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have a Moto G 3rd Gen which has hardly any capacity left, consequently some updates will not install. I bought an SD card even though phone does not have much in the way of photos or music on. So my question is cab I put some apps on the card or any suggestions as to how to free up some space please.
    09-05-2016 03:00 PM
  2. Tech2011's Avatar
    There are apps on the Play Store that you can download that will help you manage moving apps to the SD card. These apps can give you a list of the installed apps on your phone that can be moved to the SD card and will allow you to easily move them if you want.

    App Manager II (Apps 2 SD) is a good example.
    09-05-2016 03:04 PM
  3. anon(9983233)'s Avatar
    This would depend on the app itself.. Some apps will allow you to move them to the SD card when you explore the App manager..
    09-05-2016 03:08 PM

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