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    Hi guys,

    So i am pretty sure this question has been answered many times already but i want a perfect answer. Like i wouldn't have to replace my battery or something like that right? cause this problem is really annoying. So i have had this phone over a month now and the warranty hasn't ran out yet and neither have i used it already. At first the mobile seemed to run pretty long without any battery draining issue but later once i was checking for a website where i could download modded games for free and i found this website called andropalace.com. I clicked on a game and then to download the apk then suddenly a page opened saying that my nexus 5x has been infected with battery virus skip this message at your risk and that i had to download some 360 security app from play store, it seemed pretty real with a timer(am sure some of you may have come across this or read it before) so i did install the app and cleaned the virus it was saying, i ran the scan option and cleared the junk and then uninstalled it. Days later i started installing app on my nexus and then the battery started to drain quickly, like i do not switch my GPS or my Bluetooth or NFC and keep my brightness to auto but after a good nights sleep i wake up and find that the battery had drained at least a 10 % or 15%. How is this happening? Is this the effect of the message or is it some of the apps that are draining the battery?? i went through many sites and found that these warning messages are just scams and are a way to get into your device. It not only happens after my bed time but also when in use. i am a light user and don't even play games. but after a use of 5 to 6 mins the battery drains 2% and so after reading some posts or watching a YouTube video or going through gallery or even checking mails. Then i booted to safe mode after a charging of 100% and didn't use it for and hour or 2 and noticed that the batter had not drained even 1%. I dont seem to find the apps consuming battery in the usage. Must be the apps then? Anyway, am going to write down the list of apps that i have installed so that if any of you experts find the exact app thats draining the battery can reply me.,.... thanks....

    List of installed apps-

    1) Whatsapp
    3) MobileVoip
    5)AndroCentral app
    6) Camscanner
    7)Google Translator
    8) SHAREit
    9) Clean Master
    10) IMDb
    11) ES FlieExplorer
    12) MAPS.ME
    13) Ampere
    17) Souq.com
    16)Khan Academy
    there.... pls help me out.. i cant stay on safe mood forever....
    [email removed for privacy]
    09-06-2016 05:38 AM
  2. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    If you go to dodgy sites, that is what you can expect. Sometimes this malware injects itself in system files and if so, the only cure is to flash your device with uncompromised firmware.
    First, check your battery stats and see if you can identify what's causing the battery drain and remove.
    If that doesn't work,try a scan with Malwarebytes. If that fails factory reset the device and lastly flash the device if you still have issues
    09-06-2016 07:09 AM
  3. Ahmed Ali11's Avatar
    [I now logged into my account and am replying] True. I did factory reset the mobile also ran malawarebytes before it and everythings fine.
    i will shortly send you the snapshot of my battery usage stats. Until then i will find out which of these apps is creating this drain.
    09-06-2016 10:28 AM

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