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    Firstly thanks in advance for helping me out on this issue.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I've recently started having problems with my screen rotation. When I change the screen rotation setting to portrait, the screen still rotates (even though it should be locked in portrait mode). Also, it rotates into portrait but completely upside down, so the home button is on the top (which shouldn't happen as far as I'm aware).

    Secondly, my S6 no longer fast charges; it just says cable charging and takes approximately 2 hours or more to charge. I've tried charging my Galaxy NOTE 4 with the same charger and I've had no problems, so it's definitely my S6 at fault and not the charger or cable.

    Both of these issues occurred once before - lasting around a day or two, and then they disappeared on their own. My phone started fast charging again and the screen was able to lock in portrait mode, however now, both issues are back. I've mentioned both issues in one question because they came at the same time, and one doesn't occur without the other.

    Again, thanks in advance and I appreciate the help.
    09-06-2016 01:17 PM

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