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    I have a Samsung galaxy A5 2016 edition. A few months ago when I was listening to music through headphones (and my device was locked) I could long press the headset remote button, my music would stop playing and Google now would start up. Then for a different reason I did a factory reset, and this wiped away the possibility to use Google now when my device is locked, so I went to the Google settings and activated the option ''use Google now via headset' where it said that I could access the voice command when my device is locked, it still didn't work. I then updated to android 6.0 hoping it would fix the problem but it didn't, the same problem persists. All the right boxes are checked and it should be possible (as I've done it successfully before). When I long press the button when screen is unlocked, the voice search starts up so the problem isn't the hardware of the headphones. Is this a malfunction of the Google software or due to a faulty setting?

    I've been trying to find the solution through forums but haven't found any definite answers, I have also tried to find a way to contact google directly but they only offer troubleshooting. So if any of you can help I would be very greatful!

    09-06-2016 02:19 PM

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