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    I have a Galaxy S5. The problem started a few days ago - after a period of inactivity (e.g. a night's sleep) the screen remains black when pressing the power button. All the buttons light up and I see the notification lights, so the phone is working, but the screen remains black. I can sometimes manage to get it on after *a lot* of random button pressing and/or taking the battery out and in.

    This only happens when waking up the screen (when the screen is already on it never goes black), and I think there is no problem after a short sleep (e.g. a few minutes), only if the phone was inactive for at least a couple of hours. It looks like there is a problem when the phone is cold (maybe even literally cold) but not when it's been working.

    I have tried factory reset with cache/data wipe and the youtube fix of pressing the power button for a few minutes when the battery is out (did that several times), neither helped.

    Any suggestions?
    Meanwhile, can you recommend an app that can lock the screen but doesn't turn it off (I've downloaded Caffeine which keeps the screen active but if I press the power button it turns off).

    09-07-2016 01:39 AM

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