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    My phone fell from a short height, It was fine but the screen was unresponsive. It could change between the different tasks by using the buttons, but wouldn't respond to touch. So i pressed volume up + home button (thought this was the correct combination), this turned the screen completely black. found some instructions online about simulating a battery pull, the power logo came on, everything seemed fine. but then the screen turned black again at the point where it was suppose to dispay the home screen. Now it wont do anything other than making a camera-shutter noise, when i press home and powerbutton, as if it was taking a screenshot of something.

    Cant see any scratches on the screen, or any cracks inside. tried flashing a flashing over it to make sure that it isn't just low light because the battery is running low.

    Very sorry for my bad english, from Norway

    - Elise
    09-07-2016 06:49 AM

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