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    My screen seems to turn of whenever voice mail is either recording audio or playing a message. The screen then automatically turns back on when the recording has reached its maximum time or the message is over.

    To clarify a little: I am trying to set up my greeting for my voicemail by recording my name. When I hit the "record" button the screen shuts off. During this time the phone is recording, nothing I have tried will turn the screen back on. It will not let me stop the recording when I am done. As soon as the maximum recording time is reached, 10 seconds in this case, the screen turns itself back on. This is a problem because I don't want my voicemail to have my name and then 8 seconds of empty space.

    I am not covering any sensors or anything, I have had that problem before so I am familiar with it. This only occurs when immediately upon hitting the "record" button, or when listening to a message.
    09-08-2016 01:52 PM

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