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    Pretty much the full question says it all.

    Broke off far right battery connector prong.

    I have other metal pieces I can highjack from other phones, is there anything I can do - to fix that piece (The prong broke at the back metal wall prong connector when battery swelled up temporarily in major heat. Can't get phone to turn on and stay on at this point. Don't have any funds until 3 weeks - and have to have phone to make those fund. YAY.

    Any hacks possible for this system to turn on via straight plug in charge - or something I can put on remaining 3 prongs to make them think it's working Or can I clip and solder a hijacked piece from another phone to hopefully work?

    Sheesh. lots of questions. but I've done work on computers, not on phones - figure similar logic concept, but you just never know.. Hope there is simple hack.

    09-08-2016 02:17 PM

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