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    hi, im running android marshmallow on my asus zenfone 2 and i enabled the thing
    that let me use my mirco sd as shared internal memory.. it was running great and i was
    realy happy because finaly i could install everything i wanted, until the sd crashed and got corrupted, now i have 2 questions, 1 how would you go about retrieving the data on the micro sd, i tried things like get data back but i cant find the recent data, just data from before i even updated to marshmallow, now question 2, so my idea was to buy a new micro sd so i could use my phone untill i figured out the issue with the other one.. i inserted the new sd, set is as shared internal memory, it got accepted, my phone shows like 32 giga free but i still cant install stuff and use it to save pic, not my photo app not even sent pics on whatsapp.. so i gues my phone is still waiting for sd card 1, and i do see an option in the memory menu that says forget sd card, im a bit lost here what should i do ? thanx in advance!
    09-09-2016 09:53 AM

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