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    I have a moto x pre edition. It came with a turbo charger. Love it BTW. Forty minutes without a phone and I'm back in action. I was a noob to chargers and phones and j have never owned a more expensive phone. We've always used the same chargers on everything.... They fit so blam.. My method was to have chargers plugged in around the house for proper to use, that way there would always be a charger empty and ready, including using my turbo charger on other equipment. I was schooled to only use the charger with the equipment it came with, even if the end match. I ordered another exact turbo charger and was back in action and guarding the turbo charger with my life. I'm having charging issues again. To use my turbo charger, my phone has to sit a certain way and the charger has to be placed a certain way, held up by something a little taller than the phone. I don't know if another turbo charger would work as it seems the port where the chargers plug into send to be loose on nearly all my chargers in the house. I had to experiment. My phone is my life and I needed a charge. How would I fix an issue like this?
    09-09-2016 03:59 PM

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