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    Bought a used Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 running 4.4.2 Kit-Kat.

    Immediately took out the sim cards before I ever used it, both the regular sim and the sprint white micro-sim, as I bought it on craigslist, and didnt want any crossover from the previous user.

    I was consulting with an Android 'geek' and took out the sim cards for whatever reason to illustrate the sims I had removed from the tablet, and I now cannot seem to find the larger sim card that was originally inserted into the tablet. It's been 1 day. I still have the sprint micro-sim, but the other sim card I cannot find.

    I am debating whether the person I was consulting with about Android quickly pocketed the sim card, or whether it was easily dropped.. Anyway, considering the sim card lost. When I bought the tablet, it was seemingly at factory reset.

    I have done another full factory reset, upgraded the OS to 5.1.1 Lollipop, changed settings to secure, changed passwords, accounts, etc.


    Is there any way that this technically savvy Android/Linux consultant, if indeed he did take the sim, could ever see or track my tablet, sync with it, mirror, utilize and/or the Stagefright bugs, etc, ---- even though all he would have is this sim that was never once in the tablet as I used it (though previous user must have used it) and I have done full resets?

    QUESTION #2:

    Could he have access to some sort of fingerprint of my tablet. or anything of the sort on the SIM card which I never used once, and do anything malicious from that perspective?

    I dont think its possible, but wanted to confirm with the Android Community

    Thank you for your responses!
    09-10-2016 09:42 PM

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