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    My phone has quit ringing. I also noticed that I can no longer preview ringtones (returns immediately without playing), which may be related, I don't know. By experimenting, I learned that the caller hears four rings, then goes to voicemail. When the call ends, I am immediately notified on the cell that I have voicemail.

    Now, I can remove the SIM card and still use the phone, for calls, but not for texts (fails and saves the text). I called my landline, which went through OK, Then I called my phone from the landline and found that, lo and behold, my cell phone rings.

    Putting the SIM card back in confirmed that I got texting back, and again lost incoming rings. So at this point I'm screwed. I can either use the phone to make and take calls, or I can use it for texting, but not both. Has anyone heard of anything like this? Got a solution (please!!)?
    09-10-2016 11:37 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Hmmm, that is a weird one! Technically, if you take out the sim, you can't do any network based stuff (only WiFi based internet calls etc). Are you sure it's the sim and not sd card you taking out? They are on top of each other... You can put in a code via keypad that will extend the number of rings before you go to voicemail.. Google the code and try that, I can't remember offhand...
    Take out both cards, give them a gentle polish and put in (correct) again and see what happens... Good luck!
    09-11-2016 12:37 AM
  3. paladyn's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply. Oh, I was as surprised as anyone would be when I was able to make and take calls with the SIM card removed. And I'm sure it was the SIM card, first because I removed both cards, and second because I taught electronics, mathematics, and robotics, as well as having had a several-decades long career in the field, and am fully cognizant of the difference between an SD card and a SIM card. ;-)

    That said, after further research I read that others who had this issue had found that it was connected with WiFi somehow. Testing, I found that if I turn off WiFi I can once again receive calls even with the SIM card in. So, basically, the only inhibition I have is that I can't stream content over WiFi while I'm waiting for a call. If anyone knows of any other resolution for this issue, other than turning off WiFi, I would be most interested to hear.
    09-18-2016 10:09 PM

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