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    I've had a Samsung Galaxy s5 for over a year now. However, about 2 months ago it stopped turning on and was completely unresponsive to anything. I eventually sent it in to get fixed, but the people fixing it didn't even do anything other than tell me that the motherboard was fried. I got my phone back a couple days ago and decided to fix it myself because I don't have money to send it in anywhere. What I've done, is that I got the same exact phone (and model) from someone else. Their screen is cracked and doesn't work, but everything else should work. I took off my phone screen (with
    LCD display) and the screen from the other phone. Absolutely nothing is wrong with any of the wires or the phone screen that I put onto the newer phone, as far as I can tell. However, everytime I boot up the phone, only half of the screen responds to touch, I've tried reconnecting the screen to the phone multiple times, and get different results, but none fully fixing the problem e.g. the top half works, 2/3 of the screen works, or the top half works and one small section below works but between the top half and the other section the screen won't respond. I have absolutely no idea if it's a wiring problem, an LCD problem or if Satan has just decided to possess my phone to mess with me :/
    09-11-2016 04:21 PM

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